Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i made this glogster to show that i understand literary terms

Friday, October 23, 2009


c is for cookies its good enough for me!!!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Holidays and Vacations.

okay......well in my house we rarely ever celebrate holidays......we either don't have the money or we don't wanna celebrate it that year, yeah i know what y'all are think how can't someone not wanna celebrate something???? well we just don't, See I'm Native American and my dad just doesn't see the point in taking on what he says 'the white holidays".

But we do go on vacation a lot........ I've been from my home state all the way to east side of the United States!!!! its pretty cool i guess we get to see/learn new things. My too favorite places to go is Illinois and Tennessee!!!!! when i turn 18 years of age i wanna move too Illinois.....that place is just amazing there so much going on and there's never a dull moment!!!! Any were my family and I go too we drive.....cause on a plane all you can see are landscapes and tops of buildings....we love to see our surroundings. All the trips we have taking are all spontaneous type trips like spurre of the moment we go to get away from drama and stuff that's bugging us...........!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

B.A.D = BLOG ACTION DAY (not being a bad writer)

okay so we have to write about climate change.....or what some people known it to be as GLOBAL WARMING the first time i heard of it was in 7th grade we watched a video with Al Gore...and he was talking about it since that day.....i always wanted to do something to make the hole world understand then we got this BLOGGER CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is climate change you ask?????

climate change is a long term weather pattern that increases the Earths average temperature. All the increases in the temperature are putting a in our Ozone layer :(( this is NOT good people the Ozone layer is the only thing that is protecting us from the sun....see if we didn't have it the sun can burn us really bad and give us skin cancer, or a very bad skin condition.....every second that we drive a car or throw some thing away that should be recycled...we are a step closer to killing ourselves......if you Truly care for our EARTH and people who live here you should join blog action day. back to what i was saying


an increase in the earths temperature.........change in climate making it warm, or for an example like right now its fall and its already starting to snow........causes the sea levels to rise and this is all happening because of human activity.


rises in temperature, trapped energy from the sun.


  • watching TV
  • using air conditioning
  • turning lights on
  • using hair dryer
  • driving cars
  • video games
  • stereos
  • washing clothes
  • drying clothes
  • using a dish washer
  • using a microwave


Save electricity: turn lights off when not in use, unplug things, unplug your cell phone when fully charged.

Car pull: in stead of driving every were find some one going to the same place and take one car, ride your bike, take public transportation, walk.

Talk: talk to your friends and everyone around you about getting involved in your community, let everyone know about global warming.

Plants: if you cut downs trees be sure to re plant a different tree


site i used

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

um...yeah ohkay!!!!

so we are suppose to be starting are post for blag action day....! yay (NOT) laugh out loud!!!! LOL for those who know what it means :DD bout the crazy people these days??? thier freaking awwsume i tell you ahaha!!! :)) so.....tasha and amber and i keep turning are music up cause we can't hear when amber turns hers up i turn mine up then tasha turns hers up.....its hella funny!!!!! mrs.THROW idk for those who don't know what thats means its I Don't Know.....but any who idk how to spell her name but i DON"T like her at all i don't think anyone does :- so to talk bout??? class right now is kinda funny and mrs.THROW i think is geting mad at us!!!!!!!! HANNAH is my best buddy and KYLIE is my babe....AHEHE :DD lol......! :] yay class is almost over and this post is basicly about NOTHING what so's all just like blah blah blah when am I guna shut UP ahaha!!!! :) wow!!!!! this is prolly the longest post I EVER made so FAR............but chyeah that blag action day this is kinda wierd and kinda DION"t make sense to me yeah GLOBAL WARNING is an IMPORTANT subjust but really idk....these days but ima STOP typing cause class is over bye!!!! Mwuah!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO......! hehe bye!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Challenges week 5

my intrests hm......texting i guess if you click texting it should bring you to a link with all the texting words and stuff like that :DD the next one is the definition of what texting is.


Monday, October 5, 2009


you have your off days :(
casual days :|
semi good :]
and the BEST days.......then comes the WEEKEND....! during the weekend i went to autumns stayed over at my uncles :DD it was a blast i occupyed 20 little girls they were all just like chasing me around and it was a birthday party and me being the only teen girl there i got bored and played with :DD y'all know you would do it too :] friday night i had two black eyes and i didn't know why, saturday my lip was busted open didn't know why and now i have a mysterious bruise thingy on my arm......! but yeah its basically the best weekend i'v had so far :DD

Friday, October 2, 2009

blogger challenge......!

it was confuzing (can't spell).....people from different countries do the same stuff we do but in a different way. :DD nothing really different but the fact they speak a another language!!! which is really cool

Monday, September 28, 2009

what i learned about 5 bloggers!!! (OH-JOY)

i typed everyone from Venezuela err some place like that......most of them are trying to learn English i don't get whats so special about it....just saying everyone should love to speak their own language not try to be another person :DD well other then that they like dancing, soccer, football it might be the same I'm not sure though but yeah they like alot of stuff we do its just called different things!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


homecoming week is kinda boring......with all the dress up days cause barley any one does the stuff.........! :DD friday is the game its guna be a BLAST!!!!!! I, Kylie, hannah, and some other people might stay at school till the game and i might buy every one a monster.....NOT really sure yet cause i do need some money to get into the dance!!!! YAY!!!!! can't wait :]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

blogging! im not guna lie :DD lol :] it lest us express who we are as a person with out people judging us......yeah they might but who cares what people thinks these days!!!!!!!!! :] it's also a new way of learning about things getting to know what other people know that you didn't.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


durning my summer i babysat like 5 kids.............and when they were in daycare my uncle, his girlfriend and i went fishing. it was fun in a way but my uncle made me take the fish off my self lol