Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging Challenge 3

this weeks Challenge is to tell you about the state or providence we live in.

I live in the United States of America in a state called Wisconsin we are known for cheese making and farm tons and tons of farms, Oh yeahhh and the Packers its a football team i how ever aint a fan like alot of people are. if you came to this state you would see Alot of farms like i said baha :]

Challenge 4 Blogger challenge

Okay so before one of the challenges was to do a blog on "global warming" well this time its kinda similar but not exactly the same. this time i wanted to do mine on "Earth hour"
its always on the last saturday of march which in this case is the 27th.

a couple years ago...okay so what it was a year ago..but i found a song on youtube called "wake up america" by: Miley Cyrus its about taking care of the Earth and going green, its the song that inspried me to take better care of the earth and just help mother earth out any way that i can.
if you click the link it would take you too the song.

Thing You Can Do to Help Out during Earth Hour:

1) Turn off all the light for an hour, just think of it how it was back the before the light was even invented. that would include lamps, desk lamps, night lights but only plug them back in when you really need too use them.

2) Shut off your computer, shutting it all the way down can save alot of energy and you can even unplug it just for that hour cause it might still be using energy and a good way to cut back on computer energy costs.

3) Unplug clocks and other electronics, uplug clocks because it only takes a couple seconds to restart it and unplug Tv's, DVD player, Video games, radios.

4) Unplug cellphone charger,

5) Unplug appliances suchs as coffee makers, toasters, crockpots, microwaves, and small things like that in your kitchen

6) Turn down the heat, is a must and only heat the rooms that need to be heated if its spring and almost summer kinda nice out dont use the A.C open a window

7) you can invite friends over but car pool if alot of people are going to the same place less gass and polution in the air does the world wonders!!!!

8) Reduse, Reuse, Recycle!!!!!!!!!!

this blog challenge is from this site you can find it just by simply clicking on the link.